Friday, October 8, 2010

It's no secret (well, maybe YOU don't know, but... it's no SECRET) that I've always had throat problems... I got a particularly memorable case of strep throat back in 4th grade that made me miss school for like 2 weeks and take "horse pills" for a month beyond... I remember Mr. Couch being shocked at how big these pills were!  Tonsillitis, laryngitis, you name it, I was frequently sick with it.  Once I hit adulthood, though, I kinda stopped having throat issues for awhile... it was more a sinus thing after that, though I have mini-reprieves from sinus issues, too, depending on our geographical location at the time...

My throat issues have returned, though, and with a vengeance.  I've had strep throat 3 times this year already, a terrible case of tonsillitis after that, and my tonsils still aren't back to normal after 2 rounds of antibiotics this last go 'round.  They're still swollen (although not red or sore anymore), the left one is touching my uvula, and I find myself gagging and having trouble swallowing thanks to that... I saw a doc yesterday, though, who referred me to an ENT.  I get to have a tonsillectomy, 'cause I'm 6, not 32!  After all these years of doctors threatening to do it and just dropping the ball, or not wanting to deal with it, or not having insurance to pay for it, I finally, at 32, get to have a tonsillectomy!
Now, don't get me wrong, adult tonsillectomies are apparently no joke.  You bleed more, it's more painful, and it's a longer recovery time... but I am SO excited to get these useless balls of flesh cut out of my head... I'm assuming that I'll have my adenoids removed, too... could it be??  Could I finally be able to breathe better?  Could I finally be able to sleep better?  Stop snoring?  Avoid throat infections!?!

Remind me I was this gung-ho about it when I'm whining and crying about how bad it is and begging for my mother... ;)

Apprehensive? Huh? No way!


  1. YOu had a teacher named Mr. Couch!?!?! (do you like how that is all I got out of your post???)

  2. Ha, Brandi! Yes, I did! He rocked! :p