Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're trying to find a new norm, now that all of our household items are here & we're unpacked... JC should start his job in earnest next week (he's been on permissive TDY to get our household business squared away, which has been nice, don't get me wrong, but...) ... and I think we're ALL ready!  :p

Hannah started school, and is doing as well as to be expected.  Socially, she's sound.  Academically, she's getting there.  This school seems pretty advanced, and she's clamoring to catch up to where these kids are, learning all the lingo and the teacher's processes, but I feel confident that she'll continue to do great.  She's riding the bus for the first time ever, and loves it.  She is antsy to get out of the house in the morning to walk to the bus stop alone... I can see it from our front windows, so she's not REALLY alone, but shhhhh.... don't tell her!  :)

And then there's Ian... he will start part-day pre-K this Friday at the CDC here on post... it's going to cost a bit of money, but how much is my sanity worth... really.  :p  He needs the interaction with other children, and I need the time to rest or clean or whatever else I can come up with.  I'm ready!  :)

So, there ya go!  We're "Home Sweet Home" finally, and can't wait to venture out more in this absolutely gorgeous part of America!

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