Friday, August 20, 2010

T-Minus 1 Week!

We are astounded by how quickly JC's out-processing is going!  He says he keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop, because it always does... hoping this time things will just go our way!  Lord knows it is time for that!!  :p

The worst thing that's happened lately is that me and the kids got strep throat AGAIN.  This is Ian's first time, I guess, but the 2nd bout for me and Hannah this year (Hannah's had a 3rd throat infection that wasn't strep).  Ugh!  We're doing our rounds of antibiotics, though, and hoping to nip it in the bud before the real fun starts next week!

My nephew Jax joined us for a few nights... a first for us all!  It went very well, and I'm so happy that it did!  My kids will get to visit with him more next week while we're being packed up before our leave starts...

Then?  Maryland bound!  I don't look forward to the drive at all, though...

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